Monday, October 3, 2011

Pearl Drops Instant White Brush-On Teeth Veneer

I'm obsessed with having white teeth and if any of you have had good experiences with teeth whitening, hit me up because I'm all ears. Anywho, I bought it from Coles for $20 and the packaging made it look very pricey and I've heard pearl drops is a good brand.

So, off I went excited to try it out. I was going on a holiday and applied it in the morning before I went to the airport, the instructions say to dry teeth before applying a thin layer which is exactly what I did. My teeth looked AMAZING. perfectly white.

I needed to use the bathroom at the airport and while checking myself out in the mirror, I smiled and noticed that because I'd eaten breakfast, half of it had stayed on and half didn't. I was mortified. My teeth looked horrible; my usual teeth colour with blotches of pearly white, it wasn't pretty to say the least. I don't know how the makers expect you to get through the day without eating but I love my food so using this was a problem. I don't exactly have the time to go and re-paint my teeth after every meal.

However, I still use it once in a while, especially when I go out at night and know I won't be eating and if it's dark, people won't notice if it's a little patchy. It's great if you want white teeth FAST, but make sure not to eat. haha

Would I buy it again? most likely, no
Would I recommend it? Yes, but I'd also warn people about it being blotchy
Should you buy it? yes, like I said, it goes patchy but it's great if you want super white teeth in 30 seconds


  1. i have this too, I didn't like the fact you could feel it on your teeth afterwards! x

  2. This is interesting, I might give it a shot. Thanks for sharing.

    ***** Marie *****