Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula: Skin Smoothing Lotion

Okay, let me start by saying that if you've got sensitive skin, this product is definitely NOT for you. It's an all-over body moisturiser with alpha and beta hydroxy acids. Pretty much, the alpha and beta hydroxy help to eat away at dead skin cells.

It costs around $10, give or take, from anywhere that stocks Palmer's (Priceline, Kmart, Big W, the list goes on). I actually received it as a gift in a Palmer's gift pack so I'm not exactly sure of the price.

When I first got it, I didn't use it for a good few months because it wasn't the usual Cocoa Butter that I was used to. But, one day after running out of my usual face moisturiser I grabbed it in a hurry and smoothed it all over my face. Yes, it stung a tiny bit because of the acids, but then again, it's not meant for facial use! The thing is, the next day, my skin felt so smooth and silky and my face looked radiant, I was more than impressed.

From then on, I continued to use it on my face and all over my body. It leaves me with silky smooth skin everytime thanks to the acids it's got in it.

SO, if you're in desperate need of smooth skin, get a bottle of this miracle cream! It's also great for removing fake tan, just please, don't use this the day after you've got a spray tan!

Would I buy it again? yes!!
Would I recommend it? most definitely!
Should you buy it? only if you want super smooth skin ;)

Monday, November 14, 2011

M.A.C blushcreme

I'm absolutely ADDICTED to this blush. I first bought it when I went into Myer to get foundation, I just bought it to try. It turned outto be one of my favourite products of all time.

The blush is a creamy consistency and lasts AGES. I think I've had mine for 6 months and it's still half full (mind you, I wear it everyday and re-apply my make-up throughout the day), so at $41, it's most definitely worth every penny.

When I first got it, I was applying it with a brush because that's how the assistant at the MAC counter was applying it, but I found it was too time consuming and hard to blend when I used a brush. Now, I use a circular sponge which I fold in half and use to apply and blend the blush, trust me, the sponge works so much better.

I usev the colour 'ladyblush' and it makes my face look so much brighter and more dewy. It's great to use on those days when you're feeling and looking dull. As you can see, this is my make-up before I've put my blush on:

So, as you can see, my face is the definition of dull and disgusting, you're lucky I even put that picture on here! BUT look at my face after I applied my blush:

HOW MUCH BETTER DO I LOOK WITH THE BLUSH ON? I must admit, I look 100 times better with it on. So girls, next time you run out of blush, head to the M.A.C counter and get yourself a blushcreme, you won't regret it!

Would I buy it again? yes, yes, yes times infinity
Would I recommend it? already have, many times
Should you buy it? get in the car now, go to MAC, then buy buy buy!