Friday, September 30, 2011

Nude by Nature Nude Complexion Perfection Starter Kit (Medium)

You've all seen Nude By Nature advertised on TV and of course, I'm the sucker who couldn't resist trying it. I bought it from a local chemist in my area for $59.95, the pack consisted of a small tub of Natural Mineral Cover, Natural Mineral Veil and Natural Mineral Bronzer. The tubs consist of 4 grams of powder, not much but plenty for you to try and test it. The kit should last you around 1-2 months if used everyday. It also comes with a kabuki brush, an Undercover Airbrush Primer and an Organic Mineral Eyeliner. When I bought this, I really wanted it to work and thought it would since the TV adverts make it look like the miracle make-up.

First, I applied a thin layer of Mineral Primer to my face and then applied the Mineral Cover all over, followed by the Mineral Bronzer on my cheeks and then the Mineral veil all over my face to set and seal everything. I then used the Mineral Eyeliner followed by my own mascara. It looked great, it gave me lots of coverage and I really did look like I had hardly any make-up on, my only concern is that it was too dark, they only have 3 colours to choose from which makes it hard.

I then left for the day to go out only to look in the mirror 2 hours later and discover that my face had gone blotchy and yuck. I had to try and fix it. The bronzer had stayed on my cheeks but the rest had smudged off and the overall consistency was cakey. It looked like a really cheap, nasty make-up. That was where my love for this make-up ended.

Since then, I've wanted to love it, I've tried it again on several seperate occassions and seen the same thing; after an hour or 2, it's starting to come off and go cakey, not what I look for in a foundation. In saying that, the kabuki brush is great, I still use it everyday with my own blush and I love the brown eyeliner as well. As for the foundation, bronzer, veil and primer, well, they've been sitting in my cupboard for months.

Would I buy it again? Not a chance
Would I recommend it? Nope, I've convinced people NOT to buy it
Should you buy it? Don't bother, there is better make-up out there

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  1. Thanks very much for your review which is really helpful. Have you found a similar product that works better since then? I have been looking for one that is quick to apply